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Texas Oil and Gas Insurance

Texas Insurance Agency is an experienced insurance broker that specializes in connecting local businesses with great policies from the top insurance carriers in the nation. We pride ourselves on working honesty, while offering your company a high level of professionalism.

Give us a call toll free at (877)-952-1010 or send an online message, to learn more about oil and gas insurance.

At the Texas Insurance Agency, we have years of expertise in the oil & gas insurance industry. We understand that the energy business can be incredibly competitive, even during tough economic times. You need an insurance policy that fits your bottom line while providing premium protection.

Your existing coverage may not sufficiently protect your business. Our in-house experts can review your current oil and gas insurance plan and provide you with feedback. This thorough research allows us to confidently recommend policies to cover gaps or provide comprehensive oil & gas insurance coverage.

If you are new to the oil and gas industry and need guidance on how to structure your insurance coverage, we can help. We are skilled at finding the right coverage for you. It helps that we have a network of the most reputable insurance companies at our side.

Oil & Gas Insurance Standards

Minimum insurance requirements for oil and gas projects change consistently. It's important to make sure that your operations remain fully covered. At Texas Insurance Agency, our oil and gas insurance brokers are devoted to following the oil and gas market and staying up-to-date on new standard requirements.

When you work with our agents, you can operate with confidence, knowing that your coverage always meets federal regulations.

Protect Your Important Investment

At Texas Insurance Agency, we help clients receive insurance policies and packages, including: drilling insurance (for exploration and development outfits) or energy insurance (for pipeline operators and petrochemical plants). We can find an insurance plan that matches your business's needs, whatever role you may play in the oil and gas industry.

For clients working in New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Colorado, and Washington, we offer environmental and energy insurance.

If you are moving valuable assets, we can offer you protection. We have excellent plans for logistics insurance, including hauling and transportation. We can cover transportation of hazardous materials as well.