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Texas Inland Marine Insurance

Marine Cargo & Overland Transit Insurance in Texas

Inland marine insurance is an outgrowth of ocean marine insurance. Inland marine policies provide coverage for property involved in transportation via truck, auto and rail. Inland marine insurance happens to play a vital role in the entire energy sector. Different forms of inland marine insurance cover properties at various stages of overland transit.

Obtaining the perfect insurance policy for such an involved operation can be trying. Texas Insurance Agency is here to help simplify the process. Our energy insurance expertise and network of premium carriers allows us to connect you with an affordable, custom-tailored inland marine insurance policy.

For an in-depth consultation and free quote on inland marine insurance or general business insurance, please call our toll-free number at (877) 952-1010.

The Importance of Inland Marine Insurance

The entire energy sector (specifically the oil and gas industry) is always moving a valuable product or property from point A to point B. That might entail: pumping oil or gas up from wells and down a pipeline, pushing electricity through wire and fiber, or trucking barrels of oil down a highway. Many leaders in the energy industry use inland transit insurance to provide coverage for goods in transit.

Inland marine insurance comes in various forms, such as marine transit insurance. Having marine transit insurance (also known as goods in transit insurance) protects a property's interests and liabilities for all parties involved in the energy supply chain. Marine transit insurance covers dozens of property types in a variety of production stages and locations.

Accidents, property damage, and lawsuits can instantly disrupt a business's operations. Does your current policy offer you enough protection to thrive after the unexpected?

Protect Your Important Investments

Texas Insurance Agency has a team of inland marine specialists, who know how to extend policies beyond simple goods in transit insurance. We know how to add