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Texas Excess Liability & Umbrella Insurance

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There are hundreds of insurance policies out there. They are a vital component to maintaining a smooth business operation, without the worry of legal entanglements or recover from property damage. These policies help protect your business to a certain point. Excess liability insurance adds additional coverage where these other policies end.

Texas Insurance Agency is proud to continue helping local business owners operate confidently. Our experienced insurance agents understand the unique needs of business owners in the energy and construction industries. After analyzing your operations, they connect you with affordable policies from the most respected carriers in the nation.

Our services help ensure that you receive a policy that provides you with the exact level of coverage that you need at a price that meets your bottom line. Call Texas Insurance Agency at (877) 952-1010 to receive a free consultation and quote.

Superior Coverage

Excess umbrella liability insurance supplements basic liability coverage with millions of dollars of additional coverage. It can often prove invaluable to an individual or small business that encounters the unexpected. For businesses in the energy sector, these accidents and lawsuits can occur at a spectacular scale.

Environmental damage, lawsuits, and other catastrophes can occur when least expected. Can your existing policies protect your business? Do they provide the level of protection you need to recover and conquer emergencies?

If you are unsure about your current coverage, it is best to have your policies reviewed by an insurance expert. Our agents can help evaluate your current policy based on your operations and typical industry accidents. Contact our agency to learn more about excess liability and umbrella coverage insurance.